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It is a known fact, traditional models of negotiation do not work for women--they go against everything a woman was taught to be like while growing up. As a society, most women learned at a young age that it is not appropriate or "feminine" to focus on what they want, assert their own ambitions, and pursue their self-interest—and many people don't like it when they do.


From the time they are very young, girls are taught to focus on the needs of others rather than on their own. Young girls subconsciously internalize these messages into adulthood and as women find themselves with an internal struggle to ask for what they want. They are unaware that their reluctance to ask for what they want is a learned behavior, and one that can be unlearned. In order for women to negotiate effectively, they must:


  • Be comfortable with their Power

  • Eliminate the Limiting Disempowering Beliefs that make them anxious to Negotiate

  • Develop new Empowering Beliefs that make it easy to ask for what they want

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