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"You have put together a negotiation skills training that shoots right to the heart of negotiation methods. With practice sessions designed to re-enforce the skills taught in the seminar, this workshop is not only powerful but FUN."
Suzanne Gordon
Ebay Global

"Two thumbs up on your Negotiation Seminar! Dr. Davidds was exuberant and great insight on useful techniques. I will recommend this workshop and your company to all my associates. I loved it"
Heather Cerral
Dept of Justice

"Your negotiation training course has been a great help to me in negotiations. I had formally had a tendency to give without asking for something in return and I am much more aware of this now. I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot from it." 

Denise Leventhal
Johnson & Johnson

“This program gave me the skills and increased my desire to communicate effectively with everyone I share the office with on a daily basis. In addition, it improved my ability to negotiate with contractors, staff, managers, the general public, and friends.”

Pamela Brisna
Ford Motors

"Thank you Dr. Yasmin Davidds for POWERFULLY enhancing our negotiation skills. Your empowerment will live on through every woman you touch." 

USC Inaugural class of 
The Women’s Institute of Negotiation

"Yasmin, after taking your seminar at USC this weekend I feel so empowered and ready to begin using the tools provided to negotiate in my personal & professional life. You're such an inspiration to many. Que Dios te bendiga." 

Martha Castillo 
Southern California Edison

"Thank you Dr. Davidds for sharing your transformational knowledge in the world of negotiations. This unique workshop truly demonstrated the innovative and prospective tools required in ALL levels of negotiations." 

Norma Cardenas 
Senior Consultant, Essence Marketing, LLC

The Women Negotiation Institute training motivated me to take on my next career challenge! I am ready! All of the sessions were invaluable and the entire program exceeded all expectations. If you want to gain that winning edge…join the institute. 

Gail A. Delgado 
County of Los Angeles

"I just completed Dr. Yasmin Davidds’ 3-day negotiation seminar for women and I recommend this course to all women. Through her seminar, Dr. Davidds provides you with the tools and skills necessary to negotiate in your personal and professional life. I am so glad I participated in this seminar!" 

Ana Castillo 
The Revenue Group

"Thank you for an empowering and challenging experience. This training will not only help my career, it will improve my life on a very personal level. One million thanks!" 

Rebecca Sandoval 
Field Engineer, Southern California Edison

"The Women Negotiation Institute’s training illuminated my blind spots and gave me the strength and skills to negotiate more effectively." 

Emma Castillo 
Balgon Corporation

"The Women’s Negotiation Institute training was a unique opportunity to pause and analyze how our personal style affects our negotiation techniques. I learned about myself and developed a skill set I can take to all areas of my life. It was an opportunity of a lifetime!" 

Gloria Gonzalez 
Brilliant Minds Learning Academy

"The Women’s Negotiation Institute is a much needed training program for women. I gained knowledge and acquired negotiation tools that I could immediately utilize in my career and personal life. Thank you Dr. Davidds!" 

Mary Galvan Rosas 
Advocacy and Alliance Development


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