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Over a period of 10 months WNC™ participants will navigate a path towards mastery of negotiation strategies.   They will learn Dr. Davidds’ Negotiation Strategy Mapping, a step-by-step system that guides women in developing their negotiation strategy.  This process will allow them to first learn, and then coach women how to plan and implement negotiations of all types. The Negotiation Strategy Map is the first complete system of its kind that helps women use their innate strengths and talents—as well as strategy tools and techniques—to effectively negotiate for what they want, level the playing field, and “own their game.”   WNI™ participants will learn:


  • How a woman can embrace her individual negotiating style, using grace and power as well as her innate strengths and talents.

  • Illustrate how women sabotage their negotiating power—and how they can stop.

  • Challenge women to develop new empowering beliefs that make it easier to ask for what they want.

  • Explain how to identify and describe the strengths and weaknesses of their own negotiating style, as well as the negotiating styles of others.

  • Help women recognize when “dirty” tactics are being used, and how to take positive steps to counter the effect without damaging relationships.

  • Details how to use what’s called the “sandwich technique”—how to sandwich what you’re asking for between appreciative, friendly words.

  • Addresses issues that are specific to women from cultures that encourage behavior that’s counterproductive to negotiating effectively.

  • Demonstrate techniques for how women can improve other people’s satisfaction levels without making too many concessions.

  • How women can showcase their strengths without looking as if they’re showing off.

  • How women can protect themselves from unwanted sexual advances in business by using the “hero strategy”.

  • Shows how to discover what a woman’s sources of power are

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