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Authentic leadership can be learned. As today's companies work to build the next generation of business executives, they will succeed by developing outstanding multicultural women leaders who empower leaders at all levels throughout their organizations. The key to these leaders' success is developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence, both of which are goals of ALD.


One-Week (5 days) Intensive Program
Today's best leaders are authentic leaders—people whose inner compass guides their daily actions and enables them to earn the trust of their subordinates, peers, and shareholders. In this program, developed by Harvard Professor Bill George, and customized for multicultural women by Dr. Yasmin Davidds, you'll uncover the unique characteristics that comprise your authentic leadership—enabling you to become the type of leader you most admire. 

What You Can Expect
Enhancing Your Company's Performance

As recent events in the business world have highlighted, companies need leaders who exhibit high standards of integrity, take responsibility for their actions, and are guided by enduring principles rather than short-term expedience. Such leaders are in short supply, however. According to the latest research, today's best leaders are authentic leaders—people whose inner compass guides their daily actions and enables them to earn the trust of their subordinates, peers, and shareholders. Each person's inner compass is different—it is built on each individual's personal life experience: the successes and failures that shape one's values, passions, and vision.



In this intensive weeklong program, Dr. Yasmin Davidds will guide you through case studies, individual exercises, classroom debates, and small group discussions designed to help you develop your authentic leadership. Exercises that promote individual reflection and peer exchange will give you an opportunity to evolve your approach to leadership in a supportive environment. All information shared will remain entirely confidential.


Preparatory exercises you complete before the course begins will enable you to maximize the value of your time spent learning in the classroom and interacting with faculty and peers during the week.  The program will culminate in the creation of your own personal leadership development plan. Curriculum topics include:


Examining Your Leadership Journey

  • Analyzing your formative experiences to find critical lessons that inform your authentic leadership

  • Recognizing and overcoming personal impulses that can lead to problematic leadership behavior

  • Learning how the most difficult times in your life can shape your passion to lead

  • Using your experience to shift from an "I" to a "We" orientation


Discovering Your Authentic Leadership

  • Becoming more self-aware by benefiting from honest feedback

  • Clarifying and living your values, while establishing ethical boundaries

  • Understanding your motivations and capabilities, and finding the point where they align

  • Building your support team and finding leadership mentors

  • Integrating the different "buckets" of your life: family, community and friends, and career


Putting Your Authentic Leadership into Action

  • Identifying your purpose and establishing it as a cornerstone of your leadership approach

  • Leading by example—creating a culture of authenticity, high standards, and shared responsibility

  • Empowering others to lead—exploring six approaches that work

  • Optimizing your leadership effectiveness by understanding common leadership styles

  • Choosing the leadership style most appropriate to your authentic leadership

  • Creating a plan to help you achieve your leadership potential


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