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Who can apply for the Women Negotiation Instructor (WNI™) Certification Program?


  • Aspiring and Existing Entrepreneurs - interested in starting their own business to present up-to-date seminars and briefings on women negotiation strategies, tools and tactics.

  • Corporate Trainers - interested in adding seminars and briefings on women negotiation strategies and skills to existing training programs.

  • Professional Coaches

  • Consultants

  • Psychologists

  • Therapists / Counselors

  • Any professional who is committed to empowering and developing women in the art and science of negotiation.


What will I be able to do professionally do as a result of the training?


WIN’S WNIC™ Certification prepares and qualifies you to:


  • Apply and be hired by WIN as a Certified WNI™ to coach and deliver WIN programming to women globally.

  • Apply and be hired by WIN as a Certified WNI™ Development Agent to cultivate opportunities for WIN programming worldwide.

  • Work as an independent consultant, coach or in-house facilitator teaching women negotiation tools, strategies and tactics.  

  • Train all over the world at major corporations, federal and state governments, the armed services, and universities and colleges


It truly depends on what you want to do with the training, your current level of expertise, your level of commitment to growth and change, and a number of other variables.  Many women simply want to improve their skills as a negotiator, coach or facilitator. Some consultants want to add to their training repertoire. Some business people want to bring the information and skills back to their companies in the form of management training and personal development programs. Some people want to transition from their current careers and become coaches and instructors in personal development.. 


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