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A Woman's Guide To Taking Charge of Any Negotiation


When it comes to negotiation, there is an ugly double standard. As women, if we make concessions to further a deal, we're viewed as weak. But if we play hard-ball, we can be seen as overly aggressive - and the strategy backfires. No wonder most women hate negotiating. In Your Own Terms, negotiation expert Yasmin Davidds helps women strike a balance, merging our natural strengths (collaboration, relationship building, listening) with a firm grasp of established tactics. Guidelines, stories, and exercises illuminate the psychology of negotiation and reveal how women can: control how they are perceived; eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors; discover their personal negotiation style; envision the ideal outcome and map backwards; build leverage; understand an opponent's approach and adjust theirs in response; deploy persuasion and redirection tactics; and set the bar high and negotiate to get there. With this empowering book, women learn the skills to win on their own terms - and open doors they never knew were shut.

“Your Own Terms is a no-nonsense guide to achieving empowerment for women in the workplace.  Your Own Terms goes beyond just “leaning in” and shows you how to take command of situations.  If you are ready to develop win-win negotiating skills, the lessons from this book will provide the know-how needed to assure successful outcomes.”   


Alfred E. Osborne, Jr., Ph. D.

Senior Associate Dean and Professor

UCLA Anderson School of Management


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