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The Women’s Institute of Negotiation presents HOW TO NEGOTIATE IN A MAN'S WORLD WITHOUT COMPROMISING YOUR VALUES - BOOT CAMP ™ a one-day intensive training, which goes beyond exploration of potential barriers that may hold women back and teaches women how to re-frame their interactions and accurately evaluate their opportunities. Created and taught by Dr. Yasmin Davidds, women learn how to ask for what they want in a manner congruent with their values, taking into account the social forces that may impact their working relationships. 
Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of essential negotiating and leadership skills. During this highly interactive program, women will learn to negotiate in accordance with internationally recognized best practice techniques, and discover their own negotiation style. They will discover how to use their natural strengths and will gain confidence in those areas where they are least confident now. The program prepares women to negotiate in a professional manner, improving their bottom line results and relationships with clients, colleagues and stakeholders.


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